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Charm in Le Marche

Le Marche is situated between the rugged Apennines and the Adriatic coast. It offers a breathtaking landscape of hills with vineyards, sunflowers and corn, combined with magnificent views. You can go for lovely walks in the Monte Catria or enjoy nature in the Gola del Furlo. Also a visit to the caves of Frasassi (the largest in Europe) is very worthwhile!

The Adriatic Coast

You are at the coast in less than half an hour from Casa Tartufo e Mare. The nearest swimming and sun beaches can be found along the coast of Fano. But Torette, Marotta and smart Senigallia are very close as well. Find La Spiaggia di Velluto, the velvet beach and beach bars are the best available! Almost the entire coastline between these places is filled with restaurants and a row of beach bars where you find chairs, sunbeds and umbrellas for rent for one day or one week. A little further afyou will find the beaches of Pesaro and the beaches along the nature Monte San Bartolo. The most beautiful beaches of Le Marche are a bit further, just below Ancona in the nature of Monte Conero. Here you can walk the cliffs to the sea, then go for a swim and then stroll to idyllic beaches and eat delicious ice cream in the beautiful villages of Sirolo and Numana. Many of these beaches have a Bandiera Blu, a quality mark which is given to clean beaches.

Natural Park Monte Conero

The Monte Conero south of Ancona is the only truly rugged coastline of Le Marche. The mountain rises dramatically from the sea to a height of over 500 meters. Its location halfway between the Italian peninsula makes it an important meeting point for many types of northern and southern European coastal flora. The park also has a rich birdlife.

The mountain is right next to the sea and very close to the city of Ancona : in one day it can be varied. In the morning you can go shopping in the capital of Le Marche, then eat some good fish, then take a siesta in one of the beautiful beaches and go for a pleasant tour of the mountain, where you have a magnificent view over the city, the cliffs, the sea and the vineyards of the famous red wine Rosso Conero.

Gola della Rossa-Frasassi Park

This attraction can not be missed during a holiday in Le Marche. The Natural Gola della Rossa (red gorge) south of Arcevia where the caves are located, is already worth it! Here you can walk in a beautiful gorge with eagles, falcons, owls and lovely villages and nice restaurants whit truffles and mushrooms dishes

The caves of Frasassi are the largest in Europe and they are very special because they just are not dark and narrow and hidden deep underground. These caves are particularly spacious and extremely high and light. In the largest room, 240m high, even the Milan Cathedral fits! Part of the cave was only discovered in the 70s and only since 1974 a part has been open to the public. They are still working open up more areas. A good walkway leads you through all areas and atmospheric lighting focuses on the most beautiful formations of stalactites and stalagmites. For example, you can recognize a polar bear and a mother with a child.

The caves can only be visited with a guide. The tour through the caves (in season in English) takes about half an hour. In summer it is wonderfully cool, since its oly 14 degrees in the caves. More info you can find at

The Furlo Gorge

The nature of the Furlo gorge is barely 15min away from Ca'Tartufo e Mare. It consists of impressive cliffs, pristine and authentic green rocks. The steep limestone cliffs of the gorge are a home for a family of golden eagles. The road through the gorge still uses the tunnel that was made in Roman times. This area is historically important as the Romans defeated Hannibal here. Along the water of the river Cardigliano beaches invite you to take a rest along the water or to bathe, and there are some delicious (truffle) restaurants!

Monte Catria

This 1700m high mountain is visible from many places in the region, including Fratte Rosa (30 to 40min). Around the mountain is a large nature reserve, a trip to the summit of this mountain is nice in all seasons. In summer, the summit brings blissful coolness on hot days, there are public barbecues along the road or you can enjoy a picnic. You reach the summit by car via a beautiful road or take a gondola from the valley. Of course this is also a wonderful backdrop for a stroll in the autumn. In the winter, you can even go skiing on this mountain. A trip to the Monte Catria is fun ifcombined with a visit to the castle of pediment at the foot of the mountain.

The Parco Naturale dei Monte Sibillini

This park gets its name from Sibyl, a woman from the Greek mythology who would have lived in a cave in the mountains. This area is interesting in summer (hiking) as well as in winter (skiing). In the park you can climb the Monte Vettore, with 2476m the highest mountain of Le Marche. This park would, in addition to eagles, buzzards, falcons, hawks, ... still have wolves roaming around.

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Charm in Le Marche

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Charm in Le Marche

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