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Le Marche is a region in central Italy, also known as the "best kept secret of Italy","the new Tuscany" or "Tuscany as it was before the tourists invaded it". Le March is one of the most beautiful regions of Italy and offers the perfect blend of tranquility, space, hospitality, culture, great food and beautiful nature. The locals are very friendly and proud of the beauty of their region. Characteristic are the many well preserved medieval castles and villages where time seems to have stood still. And in the towns and cities a lot of art and culture is to be discovered.

Le Marche got its name thanks to the German Mark, which means border: the region was once a border area, sheltered by the Apennines to the west and by the sea in the east. It is the only Italian region with a plural form, perhaps because of the variety of landscapes, its beautiful coastline, the inland mountains and the rolling hills or perhaps because of the many dialects that are spoken, who knows ...

You can find Le Marche in central Italy, in the east bordering the Adriatic Sea and in the west Umbria and Tuscany. In the north its bordered by Emilia-Romagna and by Abruzzo in the south. The region has a picturesque hilly landscape with a partially flat coastal area (alternately sandy and pebbly beaches) and inland mountain ranges. Between sea and mountains are only about 50 km. The highest point of the Marche is the Monte Vettore (2476 m) in the Sibillini Mountains. The beauty of this rugged mountain range that forms part of the Apennines invites you for lots of walks and mountain climbs. And in the winter you can also go skiing over here!

The 180 km long coastline is a succession of sandy beaches interrupted by rocky coastline and idyllic bays of the two natural parks: Monte Conero south of Ancona and San Bartelo north of Pesaro. 10% of the area of The Marches is protected nature and in many resorts along the coast the Bandiera Blu (the blue flag that indicates that the quality and purity of the sea) is waving.

Behind the flat coastline you find the hills that cover about 70% of the region. Wherever you drive, after each curv a surprisingly impressive view of the hills is displayed. There is a patchwork of colours: many shades of green of the olive groves and vineyards and the golden yellow of the corn and sunflowers. This beautiful scenery is ideal for long walks, biking and horseback riding. Even by car, motorcycle or vespa you can make beautiful trips.

Every village has a restaurant where the cook manages to create delicious typically Italian dishes with mostly local ingredients like fresh pomodori (tomatoes), artichokes, zucchini. The black and white truffles and aromatic herbs and prosciutto make this region a true culinary feast. And because the sae is never far away, you can also enjoy delicious seafood in lots of restaurants. Interestingly to know is that the Marche form the basis of organic farming in Europe! Most locals have their own vegetable garden and often you can buy fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit from our 'orto' at local markets. And on balmy summer evenings you can enjoy hundreds of white and red (organic) wines: the most common varieties are the Bianchello, Verdicchio and Sangiovese.

Until the year 1970 Le Marche was a region of farmers, but since then hundreds of villages and small towns founded companies that make parts of just about every major industry (clothing, shoes, stationery etc). The chance that your shoes come from the Marche or that you read the newspaper on paper from Fabriano is very real. The Marche region is one of the richest of Italy and has the lowest unemployment rates in the country. Especially the clothing industry flourishes happily here, in practically every city you'll find countless trendy shops and outlets of famous (Italian) fashion.

But Le Marche also has about 500 squares, 1000 important monuments, 200 Romanesque churches and thousands of other times, 71 beautiful historic theaters, 246 museums and more than one hundred separate towns, each of which are well worth a visit .

A major advantage of the Italian region of Le Marche is that you enjoy the beauty in peace and calmth.The region is authentic and unspoiled and relatively unknown by tourists, though you can meet them in recent years more and more often. Most tourists are still the Italians who pass their holiday on the coast. Inland, in the villages on the hilltops and in the beautiful medieval towns it is still quiet in summer!

So, for people who love Italy but who want something different from Umbria or Tuscany, Casa Tartufo e Mare is a wonderful base for exploring the Marche region!

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